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Search Results for "metal canning funnel":

  1. Norpro Stainless Steel Wide-Mouth Funnel w/ Handle
    Buy now: $8.12
  2. Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Large Metal Funnel - 2 for 1 Combo Set for Cooking, Canning, Oils, Wine With Removable Strainer Converts To Wide Mouth Funnel When Small Funnel Detached
    Buy now: $48.98
  3. HIC 18/8 Stainless Steel Canning Funnel, 5.5-Inch Diameter
    Buy now: $8.22
  4. OTHERMAX Canning Funnel - Stainless Steel Mason Jar Funnel with Handle for Regular and Wide Mouth Jars, Metal Wide Kitchen Funnels - Silver
    Buy now: $19.98
  5. RSVP Endurance 18/8 Stainless Steel Canning Funnel
    Buy now: $11.95
  6. Norpro Stainless Steel Funnel with Removable Spout
    Buy now: $14.39
  7. Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel with Removable Strainer/Filter for Essential/Cooking Oils, Flask Metal Funnel for Transferring of Liquid, Fluid, Dry Ingredients & Powder, 5- Inch,Silver - HOXHA
    Buy now: $23.68
  8. 3 Pieces Funnel Durable Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnels with Strainer-Ideal for Transferring of Spices Liquid Powder Bean jam Canning Dishwasher Safe Funnels Set
    Buy now: $30.99
  9. Norpro Stainless Steel Funnels, Set of 3
    Buy now: $7.94
  10. Ball Utensil Set for Preserving - for Safe and Easy Prep and Filling of Jars
    Buy now: $9.87
  11. Funnels - Stainless Steel Set of 4 by Smart Chef - Bonus Strainer - Best for Cooking, Essential Oils & Flask-Filling - Thick, Strong #304 Grade Kitchen Tools - Avoid Spills - Enhance Decor Now!
    Buy now: $44.93
  12. Weston #10 Manual Tinned Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer (36-1001-W), 4.5mm & 10mm plates, + 3 sausage funnels
    Buy now: $24.99
  13. Uarter Stainless Steel Canning Funnel, Practical Spice Funnel Wide-mouth Canning Funnel with Handle, Suitable for Regular and Wide Mouth Jars, 1.8'' Mouth Diameter
    Buy now: $9.99
  14. 26 Hexagon Glass Jars w/Round Chalkboard Labels, 113 Spice Names & Funnel by Talented Kitchen. Complete Set: 26 Mini Glass Jars 1.5oz + Funnel + 2 Types of Labels: Round Blank & Spice Stickers
    Buy now: $19.95
  15. Faustine Stainless Steel Canning Funnel - Wide Mouth Jar Funnel With Handle for Regular and Wide Mouth Jars, 5.5 Inch Diameter, Thickening
    Buy now: $11.99
  16. INMAKER Collapsible Funnel Set, 2 Pack, Small, Silicone Foldable Funnel for Water Bottle
    Buy now: $26.99
  17. Stainless Steel Funnel,Cuteadoy Kitchen Funnels With Handles, Sizes Large To Small Funnels for Transferring of Liquid, Fluid, Dry Ingredients & Powder, Set of 3
    Buy now: $22.00
  18. Farm to Table 5250 Home Canning Tool Set, 5-Piece
    Buy now: $14.00
  19. Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel By Laguna Tide | Flask & Bottle Funnel For Transferring Essential/Cooking Oils, Liquids, Fluids & Powders | With Removable/Detachable Filter/Strainer & Large Handle
    Buy now: $19.99
  20. HIC Home Canning Supplies Kit, 5-Piece Set Includes Canning Funnel
    Buy now: $13.06
  21. Funnel - 3 Piece Set with Detachable Strainer - 18/8 Stainless Steel - by Creative Lifestyles
    Buy now: $21.99
  22. XCOOK Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel With Detachable Strainer Filter For Transferring Essential Cooking Oil Liquid Fluid Dry Ingredients and Powder 4.9 Inches
    Buy now: $5.99
  23. Fresh Australian Kitchen Funnels. Set of 3 Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnels with Removable Strainer.
    Buy now: $20.99
  24. Pack of 12 - ChefLand Clear Glass Round Jars - 12 Ounce and Elegant Look - Perfect for Hot or Cold Pack Applications
    Buy now: $19.99
  25. Buytra 5 Pack Stainless Steel Mini Funnels and 30 Pack Clear Plastic Funnels for Essential Oil Bottles, Perfume, Flask, Sand Art, Lab Chemical Liquids
    Buy now: $8.99
  26. Snap On Can Strainer Size Ea
    Buy now: $5.67
  27. Cheesecloth - Ultra-Fine Grade 90 Unbleached 100% Natural Cotton – Cooking, Nut milk Filter, Cheese Making, Broth Strainer, Muslin Bag, Reusable, Quality Cloth from Health&Home 2 Yards Pack
    Buy now: $15.99
  28. MagiKüchen 8-Inch Colander Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Sieve Strainer with Heat-Resistant Handle (Refreshing Green)
    Buy now: $31.59
  29. Granite Ware Canning Tool Set, 5-Piece, Green
    Buy now: $14.96